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Little Kitchen 7 About Us

Behind the doors of Little Kitchen 7 are baskets of goodies from a baker creating the most scrumptious cakes, custards, and pies from his tiny kitchen. When PR practitioner Marlon Aldenese found himself with a lot of time on his hands during the quarantine, he turned to his hobby of baking, which, in the months since, has grown into a full-blown passion. He began making and adjusting recipes of baked goods he personally likes himself, and not just what’s trendy on social media, so Little Kitchen 7’s products are really made with a lot of care and a desire to share what this baker personally enjoys.

The Little Kitchen 7 Banana Loaf is unique because he thought to include a butterscotch component to the base, which makes for a richer loaf, with the outer crust forming a caramel like crunch. The banana loaf also comes in raisin, cashew, which is playfully called “BanaNuts”, and chocolate chip varieties. The loaf comes in a 8.5 x 4.5 inch pan.

A staple of neighborhood bakeries all over the country, the humble Egg Pie is given a luxurious twist because of the buttery crust complemented by the smooth, creamy custard. “I tweaked the crust many times before I was happy with it,” said Marlon. Commercial Egg Pie varieties are often made with just custard powder because it’s cheaper, but at Little Kitchen 7, The Creamy Egg Pie is true to its name and made only with farm-fresh eggs. Having grown up in Zamboanga, where it is customary for the Aldenese family to make leche flan by the hundreds, during the holidays, Marlon knows how important it is that you have to work only with the best ingredients to get that smooth, satiny mouthfeel. The egg pie comes in a 9-inch pan. Custard being a particular specialty at Little Kitchen 7, another Pinoy staple, the Leche Flan is also among their most popular products. Instead of steaming dozens and dozens of llaneras like he used to do in his hometown, like the Creamy Egg Pie, these are oven-baked them to a golden creamy perfection.

Little Kitchen7’s Moist Chocolate Cake To Go comes in a handy 500ml round microwaveable container and is perfect for all your chocolate cravings. The cake is smothered and layered in a delectable chocolate ganache, that even little bites go a long way. This recipe is based on the classic Moist Chocolate Cake that Marlon used to personally bake for his clients, but now everybody can have a chance to taste this classic dessert.

With two decades of being COOK Magazine’s Sales Manager behind him, Marlon Aldenese brings his particular foodie expertise to his own brand Little Kitchen 7.

You can order Little Kitchen 7’s goodies at mobile number 0915.769.0022 and email at LittleKitchen7Bakes@gmail.com. Payment thru GCash or bank transfer (East West Bank) and the goodies can be delivered via Lalamove / Grab / Mr. Speedy (fee c/o buyer). You can pin his location at Mon-El Subdivision, Paranaque City. Please like and share his FB Page @LittleKitchen7Bakeshop and Instagram account @Little_Kitchen_7.