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Excerpt: I’ve known Marlon Aldenese for a long time. He handled the advertising sales of Cook Magazine for many years. He also owns the website, What’s New Out There.

Excerpt: Lockdowns imposed upon cities and communities because of the COVID-19 pandemic has also become an opportunity for food businesses to survive and thrive by shifting to digital platforms to reach and serve their market. 

Excerpt: BEHIND the doors of Little Kitchen 7 are baskets of goodies from a baker creating the most scrumptious cakes, custards and pies from his tiny kitchen.


Excerpt: Like many of us, Marlon Aldenese’s daily routine was put on hold due to the quarantine. And just like a few other emerging home-based entrepreneurs, he decided to turn his passion for baking into a successful venture…

Excerpt: When writer-publicist Marlon Aldenese found himself with a lot of time on his hands during the quarantine, he turned to his hobby of baking. Months later, his Little Kitchen 7 has grown into a full-blown operation.